Rally Event Reward Scheme

NEW FOR 2023
West Dorset Centre Event Reward Scheme
Would you like to earn one of these? Then please read below
Event Reward Points
West Dorset Event Reward Scheme is open to West Dorset Centre members ONLY and will operate from 01 January – 31 December 2023.

For each West Dorset Centre event attended you will receive one point per unit regardless of the length of the event. Other Centre events you attend will not qualify. Event Officers will receive 2 points.
You must remain a member of the West Dorset Centre throughout the 2023/2024 seasons; any break as a result of not renewing Centre membership at any time will incur a loss of all previously collected points.
New Centre members may join the scheme at any time during the 2023/2024 season, but points can only be collected from the date you become a West Dorset Centre member, previous events attended as a non-Centre member will not be included in your total.

A minimum of 5 points is required to receive a £15.00 voucher which can be used towards the nightly fee of an event you are attending. Any deposits, admin fees or social charges will need to be paid for in the normal way.
The vouchers will be available from early 2024 and can only be used by the member that has received it and not passed to another member. The maximum amount you can redeem at any one time is £15.00.