How to Book Rallies

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You do Not need this area to view or Book Rally Events.

West Dorset Centre’s new Website is now up and running and you can all rush off and book your Rally Events. Just before you make any booking please read the information below.

When you go onto the Rally Event page, on the right hand side is an online booking form.

This form is for that rally event only. If no online booking form is shown, this is because a Special booking form is needed or the rally event is for another Centre. See instructions on the page please.

The booking form needs to be fully filled in so that your booking is made and gives full information to the Rally Event marshals .

All the boxes need to be filled in or selected from (including the last box), before your booking will be sent directly to the rally event marshals.

When you click “submit booking” button, you should then receive an auto reply sent back to you at your email address on the booking form, saying.

Dear Customer,

“Thank you for booking onto our rally event. Please pay the required deposit to secure your place, indicating the “rally event number and your surname” on the payment and confirm deposit payment to your rally event officers via email or phone.

Please make your final balance payment in line with the payment deadline (2 or 4 weeks) as listed on the rally event that you have booked.

Payment details can be found on the West Dorset website under header Rallies – How to pay”

DO NOT CLICK REPLY  to this email notification.

You will also receive a copy of your booking form. DO NOT CLICK REPLY to this email notification. If you need to contact the rally event marshals please do so via email or phone, their details are on the rally event page.

For Rally Event marshals you will also receive an email copy of the customers booking form only saying.

Dear Rally Event Marshals,

A new Booking has been submitted on the website for your Rally Event. Please see details below and DO NOT CLICK REPLY –please use the customers email address on the booking form only or your message will be lost.

If you don’t receive a copy of your booking, please check your spam or trash boxes then check with the rally event marshals to see if they have received your booking. If this does not solve the issue then please email me [email protected] and report a problem. Please supply a contact number so I may go over your problem with you, and, if needed, report this to our website provider as a problem.

This site and how it works is new to all of us, so please bear with us as we may have some teething problems but fingers crossed all will run smoothly.

Finally, to the Rally Event Marshals, if you would like to add or adjust the description of your rally event, please forward me your information at  [email protected] . The  current information was taken from the old website and may not reflect what you are planning. Adding more information on your rally event may help to sell it and fill the spaces. Also, please use facebook to update members if you are having trouble filling your rally and contact me as I can also put a message up on the new website, as most members still don’t use facebook and are missing out.