Rally Event Information

1. The event fees for 2023 will be £5.00 including VAT (As agreed at the 2022 AGM)
2. Unless otherwise stated, events will commence at 12 noon on Fridays and extend to Sunday pm
3. A deposit of £5.00 must be included with booking slips and is non refundable. Alternatively you can book via the West Dorset website
4. This amount will be deducted from the cost of the event. Your deposit can be paid by cash or cheque to the marshals, or by BAC’s transfer
5. Cheques must be made payable to: ‘CAMC – West Dorset Centre’ and not to individuals
6. Please ring the event marshal to ensure there are spaces available and address for booking slips to be sent to, before sending a booking slip and deposit
7. When booking tickets for social events, please remember children aged 15 years and over are classed as adults
8. Members booking onto an event, particularly if a meal is included, will be held liable for expenses incurred on their behalf if they fail to attend
9. Always carry levelling blocks as they may be required, also ensure you have enough calor gas. PLEASE NOTE: Blue calor gas freezes in Winter but red does not
10. Site direction signs used by the West Dorset Centre are as follows: orange background with black pointer marked W/D
11. Do not arrive at the event site before the time stated in the event book. If you arrive early please be prepared to wait outside
12. Holiday events – Please check with the event marshals for length of stay available

PLEASE NOTE: Events held on commercial sites may attract full payment before the event commences. This is not a West Dorset Centre rule, we are governed by the site owners and the contract we have entered into with them. Most commercial sites require the final numbers at least 10 days prior to the start date of the event. After this time should you cancel, the site will expect full payment from the Centre. You are therefore liable for this payment. If you have not made a payment before the event and the Centre has to pay for a pitch because you have cancelled, the Treasurer will send you an invoice for the amount.
Event marshals will always try to avoid paying site fees for cancellations by talking to the site owners to see if the charges can be waivered.
When you send your booking slip in you sign to say:- I accept responsibility for expenses incurred on my behalf should I not attend

When booking an event which will be hosting a social
Please note, members will be held liable for expenses incurred on their behalf if they fail to attend and a meal is being provided.

The personal data you provide is collected and processed for the purpose of the inclusion and publication of the West Dorset Centre event book. We assume any personal data you provide relating to other individuals is done so with their consent

If you require an event kit for your event you need to arrange
The West Dorset Centre has 3 event kits which are held by:
Nigel Foot Tel: 01935 706075 Mob: 07941 256209
Rob Wills Tel: 01460 76440 Mob: 07721 030161
Luke Harris Mob: 07974 168717
Every effort is made to keep the kits in good order. We know from time to time items get misplaced or damaged. Please let the kit holder know if there are any problems with the kit, so it can be put right for the next person who needs it