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So How Much Power do you need and use on sites

Most Club sites and CL Sites are able to provide a 16A electrical supply, but some are limited to supplying 10A.

You need to ensure the total rated wattage (rated power) of equipment switched on at any one time is less than the power supplied to you. Power (in W) = voltage (in V) x current (in A),

For a 10A hook-up, 230V x 10A = 2300W, hence 2,300W (2.3kW) of power can be supplied to your unit.

For a 16A site this rises to 3.68kW. Particularly beware of using ordinary domestic kettles that can draw 10A or more on their own. Special low wattage kettles and other equipment are available from camping and caravan dealers.

Microwave ovens can also present problems – even though they may be advertised as (for example) 800W, the input operating power requirement, particularly on start-up, may be up to twice this.

Even though you may have a 16A hook-up, the power sockets in your caravan or motorhome may be protected by a circuit breaker of just 10A. Usually there is another one or more circuits rated at perhaps 6A or 10A, which covers the lighting circuit and possibly some other built-in electrical equipment. If in doubt consult your handbook or contact your dealer.

The supply on Club Sites (and most other campsites) is designed on the basis of diversity so the main site supply is geared up to an average electrical usage, not all hook-ups taking 16A at one time. Just occasionally, if a cold spell occurs at times of high occupancy and all users switch on electrical heaters and kettles at the same time, you may suffer reduced power or even a power cut, so it is important to use electricity responsibly.

It is only a guide to the power ratings marked on your appliances.

Lower wattage items are always reccommeded to use over domestic

Domestic kettle           2,000watts      8.7 amp – High-speed kettle        3,000watts      13amps

Camping kettle            750watts         3.3amps – Caravan Kettle             1,000watts        4.4amps

Caravan Hob               800 watts        3.5amps  –  Caravan Hob               1,000wattts     4.4amps

Microwave oven         1,000 watts     4.4amps

Domestic fan heater    1,000 watts     4.4amps  – Domestic fan heater    2,000watts      8.7amps

Truma water heater     850watts         3.7amps – Truma water heater     1,300watts      5.6amps

LCD TV                         45watts           0.2amps

Caravan fridges           135watts         0.6amps –  Caravan fridges           230watts         1amp

Caravan Toaster           900watts         3.9amps

Hair dryer                    600watts         2.6amps –  Hair dryer                    1,500watts      5.2amps

Battery charger           100watts         0.4amps