Rally Site Spacing

Rally Event Site Spacing

West Dorset Members may be aware that over New Year 2015/16 on a South London Rally a very serious incident that occurred.

The results of that incident were: 3 people hospitalised, one requiring an induced coma with 65% burns; the death of a family pet; the destruction of a Motorhome with severe damage to 2 other caravans; and damage to the structure of the village hall.

This lead to an immediate review of Safety matters, and Club have amended the spacing rules so that Rally Officers now have to give 6 metre clearance from buildings as well as other Caravans/Motorhome. This has been accomplished by an amendment to CAMC Centre Guidance (CG)

Many members may not be aware, but CG is the formal Code of Conduct required by Natural England for the issue of the Caravan and Motorhome Club Exemption Certificate, without which there would be no rallying. The contents are therefore mandatory. Pitch spacing is just one of many requirements; however it is there, first and foremost, to protect lives.

Centre Officers, Rally Officers, and Members, who adhere to CG, should have no concerns, as the Club holds Public Liability Insurance that covers those engaged in an activity on behalf of the Club.

Deliberate breaches of CG however, could lead to several possibilities, just two of which are:

  1. The withdrawal, by Natural England, of the Clubs Exemption Certificate. This would lead to the immediate cessation of all rallying by Caravan and Motorhome Club Members throughout the country, not just the Centre concerned.
  2. Those responsible could be open to both Civil, and Criminal, claims of Negligence.

The Centre “Guide to Spacing on Rallies” has been amended and can be viewed/downloaded here:

Rally Spacing Guidance

Copies are also in each Rally Kit and on Flag Notice boards and further copies can be obtained from the Secretary if required.

If any member requires further information on CG, please contact the Secretary who is the formal holder of the Centre Copy.

The Committee are fully aware that these measures will make it even harder to find suitable sites, especially those with hard standing for the winter rallies, but there is nothing that can be done. These rules exist for the safety of all.