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Dear West Dorset members. I know that you will be dusting off your units and already have plans as to where you are going in 2023. You will have seen from our rally page that once again we have some exciting rallies coming up. We are always keen to look for new sites, especially if they are in easy reach of nearby towns or events such as carnivals, festivals etc. We need your help to find additional rally sites for 2024 and we need more rally marshals to help run those rallies, for which you get a free booking.

So, have you been somewhere that you think would make a great rally site for 2024? It doesn’t even need to be an established site with electricity. The Beehive Field in Bradford in Avon is a very popular venue and yet is ‘just’ a field with water and toilet disposal facilities. Over to you, our Rally Secretary, Luke, will have a look at any venues you might suggest and hopefully they can be included in our 2024 planning, which is well underway. Please contact Luke at westdorseteventsecretary@gmail.com with any suggestions, no matter how outlandish they might seem. May I wish you and yours a safe and successful 2023 season of rallying.

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